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Marketing & SEO is my passion

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 Minhaz Hosen, SEO expert in Bangladesh. I’am Full Stack SEO Expert. Also, I’m a satisfied Digital marketer with over 5-year real work experience.
I have expertise in all areas of SEO And Digital Marketing, including advanced SEO, Local SEO, Facebook Marketing, Google ads. But I consider myself more of an SEO Expert.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Digital Marketer And SEO Expert In Bangladesh

good to know About us.

I’m Minhaz Hosen, Born in 12-06-1998. I have been highly interested in technology since I was a child. So I started learning digital marketing and SEO from the age of 15 and started working professionally after 2 years. Now I’m 22 years old.

Work Experience.

In the last 5-6 years, I have finished many projects professionally. I have worked with many agencies. I worked for 2 years as head of marketing and SEO expert in the FreelancerBari agency. Also, I have worked with clients in several countries. I’m CEO and Founder of Rankwit digital marketing agency.


I passed SSC in 2015 from Daxmain Mainam High School and College. I completed my Diploma in Textile Engineering from Prime Textile College in 2019. Now I’m currently doing a BSC in Textile Engineering at Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology.
Moreover, I am a Certified Digital Marketer and SEO Expert from Google.
I have received certificates from many institutions including Passive Journal University, ITBari, E-Shikhon, Bangladesh Learning-and-Learning Projects till 2014-2016.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.



I’m an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I Do SEO for a long time. I already finished a lot of projects successfully. Also, I’m a top-rated SEO freelancer in Bangladesh.


Digital Marketing

I’m A certified digital marketer in Bangladesh. I do digital marketing since 2016, Already I growth a lot of online business through digital marketing.

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This information is very personal to me. This information may not match your life or your opinions.

Ethical Hacking.

I like ethical hacking and cybersecurity. I don’t use it for any kind of bad work. it’s only for own safety and education purposes.


I like any kind of book, But highly I like science fiction and Mystery book. I spend a lot of time for reading books.


Actually, I’m a superhero movie fan. I like Marvel and DC Both. My favorite Movie character Iron Man.

I like technology and also I’m SEO Expert. So I write about technology, SEO, and digital marketing update on my blog site and many forum sites.

Why did You call Me SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

That too many reasons you call me an SEO expert in Bangladesh. Bangladesh already has more SEO Expert, But I’m different from each other. I work on SEO from the youngest, but it does not matter. I like my work, And I finish it successfully. It’s a reason, why I’m an SEO Expert.
I’m Not only talking with you, I’m an SEO expert in Bangladesh. A have too many prove for my successful SEO Project And My Career. You can check my portfolio And Social Media, Google reviews.

What Type Of Work You Do?

I’m a Full Stack SEO Expert. So I work all of them SEO Category, Like…
Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Website Audit, Technical SEO, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Local SEO. Also, I’m a satisfied Digital marketer.

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